Monday 29 August 2022

On time, pick up and melt down


- I ignored the early morning alarm and overslept. Bunny and Honey got ready on time with their packed lunch. Phew!

- Akki stayed home as he was down with cold. We both went to pick him up from the school. Akki was sure that his little brother would be happy seeing us.

- It was a busy day and we couldn't get Bunny to a mall as he requested in the morning. He had a great melt down and I talked to him about how busy his father and I were all day and we would take him on the weekend. He later came to me while I was making dinner and said that I was correct and he could see the things his parents did for him all day. I told him that he was an understanding child and I was happy for that. Then he asked, 'OK, so when can we go to mall again?", after all, he is still a child.

Friday 26 August 2022

Drop off, grown up and wake up


- Normally it's Honey who drops off kids at school. I accompanied them today, they liked it very much and me too.

- A phone conversation with my nephew where he was sharing his college stories. I felt that kid had grown up already.

- Bunny trying to wake up Honey from a quick nap so that they could go together for a quick errand outside.

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Meeting, pick up and effortless

 - My little sis landed this morning. It was a meeting after 6 years. We had a great time having lunch at my parent's house. 

 - Bunny had an injury and scraped his knee. Honey took him to dispensary and got his wound dressed. I went to pick him up with the gifts his aunt brought for him and his brother. Their faces lit up as soon as they saw me and even more as they laid their eyes on the gifts.

- A post dinner walk with Honey after almost a week. For some reasons it was effortless and we didn't realize when we hit the target already.

Sunday 21 August 2022

Persuasion, evening playtime and bedtime

 - We played 'Ludo' with kids in the afternoon and Bunny was keen on winning, in the process he veered to the 'unfair' side. Akki was pissed off and sad because of his brother. I took him to near by bodego and offered a coke. It melted him and he wanted to take one for his brother and father too who were on the swings in the park. Later Akki was telling Bunny, ' I got you a Thumsup this time, please play fair next time Bunny'. 

 - a. Watching the sunset while kids playing cricket.
   b. Got a new acquaintance in the park who exclaimed that we have been living in the neighborhood for almost 1 year and she hadn't seen us before. Yes, we live a low-profile life .. wink.

- a. Bunny setting up his Spiderman figurine onto the window with his fake gold chain hanging in Spiderman's neck. 

 b. A concern in Akki's voice when I told him his granny(my mom) was tested positive for Dengue. He was assured when I said hers is of low grade and she would be taken good care.

Saturday 20 August 2022

Hugs after 2 days, favorite lunch and late evening breeze

 - Hugging kids after 2 days when they woke up in the morning. We cuddled longer than usual. It was evident that we missed each other a lot.

 - Honey and I bought kids' favorite meals from Lucknow which they had for lunch. We had to cram a lot of things because of our short schedule when we visited Lucknow, one of them was bringing back taste of Lucknow for our kids and it paid off.

 - Honey and I were very tired as we were just back, so we ditched our night walk and sat on a bench near by our neighborhood enjoying the cool breeze.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Purple sky, too many and Akki

 - I found a promising sunny day from the purple east corner of the sky.

 - Bunny: "How many alphabets are in Hindi"
    Me: "56, may be."
   Bunny: "So many alphabets..."

   Me: "Yes, Indian languages are very rich ..", Bunny: "You once said Japanese have around 5K characters .. Looking at that I am happy, I have to learn less alphabets in Hindi."

- During bedtime, Akki assured me that he would drift into sleep eventually and encouraged me to go on about my business. I sobbed into his hair realizing how sensitive he was towards my pressing time schedule due to a short trip.

Monday 15 August 2022

75th Independence day, shopping and papdi chat


- Woke up to a beautiful morning. Today India marked 75 years of Independence, we put up a flag a few days back and went out to view the flag hoisting in our neighbourhood.

- A trip to near  by market for errands(oven repair, kids clothes, socks and etc) and post lunch shopping with quick stops to buy a few gifts to our extended family as we will be visiting them sooner this week.

- At the end of the shopping, Honey and I indulged in buying baked goodies like Hyderabad famous Osmania biscuits, short cakes and pastries for kids. We both enjoyed a tea break with papdi chat. Ummm, biting into the papdi chat after a very long time made myself revisit my memories with friends.