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Old musings, matinee with passive aggression and a blessing for my kids

For an upcoming possible movement, I was searching for houses online. Then the thought of going to Google maps to find the places I used to live during my college crossed my mind. And I found all of them !! Honey came home from office as Saturday's are half days and we enjoyed watching a movie together with our passive aggression between us as we had a silly fight over something yesterday. A very heartfelt blessing I uttered for my kids while they drifted to sleep.  
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Not again, indoors and Mango icecream

When I asked which junk food they would like to have for breakfast Bunny was very clear about it wouldn't be pizza again and they settled for fries. I later gave them pineapple juice and watermelon slices to make myself feel a bit less guilty about junk breakfast. It was very humid this evening. Honey was not OK to go outside for our routine games with kids. Bunny and Teetee were keen to go out and play for sometime. They did so and were back in next 5 minutes with sweaty faces and rushed to take a bath. Honey reminding me that he brought mango ice cream just for me and asking me to taste it.

Karaoke, Cockroach and sleeping early

Singing cuppy cake song with Bunny as we like it. He loved our version and he is becoming an expert in making our own version of songs in his own words. Catching a cockroach  in a jar which showed up unexpectedly and leaving it outside. It seemed like an adventure catching it. Kids were so keen to keep it as a pet, may be they inspired from Wall-E. But we had to let it go. We all slept early last night without any of our usual silly funny talks. I was anxious as there was a new Covid-19 case at Honey's workplace and thinking about how risky the life became. I wanted to get up and watch something to ease up a bit but I overcame that thought and told myself to sleep and not worry just tonight. I am not sure at which thought I drifted to sleep.

Expressions, Sister's visit and Funny talks

1 a. Bunny answering to his dad who inquired if he liked the cherries, 'at the very least bad', in Hindi 'kam se kam ganda'. b. Teetee commenting on a leaf I handed him over while he was building a shelter for a dead honey bee(yes, second one so soon) 'this leaf is unmazboot'. Mazboot means strong in Urdu/Hindi. 2. Vidhi, our cousin who lives in Mumbai, has been staying home with her parents since last three months due to Covid-19 lockdown. She came to visit us yesterday and play with her nephews which she wanted to do for a long time. We had a nice lunch together and had a chitchat. 3. Long funny conversations with kids before bed. That makes me super happy!!

Sold out, new courses and phone

Teetee's car was sold out yesterday. We still need to sell Bunny's one. We bought them for Bunny's third birthday and they both got big for those cars and cannot fit any more. So making space for new bicycles. Teetee is not convinced still. I found new courses at very discounted rates on Udemy. I enrolled in two of them. My phone's LCD got repaired and it's looking all new:). 

Quick fix, Web shooter and parrots

1.a Realizing Honey applied a quick fix to my interim phone so that the back button can work.     b. Laughing together for an inside joke in the laptop store where we went to register our latest purchase. 2. Bunny towing me behind him to show me a video about making web shooters at home. He wanted to watch me so that I can assist Honey while he build them for Bunny. Honey doesn't have any idea about his idea(wink, wink!) 3. A growing flock of parrots in the sky at sunset. 

Four-legged spider, bargaining and Avakaya

Bunny's four-legged spider made of lego pieces. It was rather symmetrical and he settled down for that after making walkie talkie, truck and a gun from the same pieces. However, his brother was not convinced with the four-legged spider. Bargaining screen time with kids. I made Avakaya, an Indian(Andhra) variety of mango pickle. Stirring it from time to time and looking at the deep red color feels content.