Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Empty lab, Fun, Switch the TV Off

- When you go to work, it feels quite an achievement when you realize you are the first one to step in. It did happen to me today. - After work when I reached home, I was surprised to see my aunt and cousin at home because it's just mid of the week only. They said they couldn't wait till the weekend to come over the place. - It's a routine for Honey to watch TV for sometime before going to bed. And it's a routine for me to switch it off once I hear his soft breath of snoring against my ears. But today he put the AC remote on my stomach then placed the TV remotes one by one slowly so that I would be the one to switch them off.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Finally Managed, Going Home with Hubby, Dinner Ready!

- At work, we get regular take outs during hungry evenings. It was my turn, but two chivalrous colleagues managed to get the snacks insisting me not to bother to get them. That's one of the advantage being only lady among them!

- It was a bliss to drive home with Hubby!

- Lovely dinner made by my lovely mom-in-law. She thought I would be too tired to make dinner. So she ended up doing all the hard work alone.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tremors, Visitor, We are here again!

I have come to record my own things again. Meanwhile busy with settling down further. Yes, I switched the job, I would love to say life is at a better level. Here are my three little things:

- While at the mall, we saw people rushing towards the exit. Thinking probably some terror attack, we asked the security guards. they told there were brief tremors in the area. Soon we found the exit too and munched on a fresh plate of panipuris. Yum!

- Our cousin's husband made a visit quite surprisingly this afternoon. This was my first time meet with him. He seemed to be fun loving and pleasant gentleman. While leaving I gave him the left over rasam, he said to me "This left over means a lot to me. I am going to have it after many years". If I would have known he was visiting, I could have planned for a proper south indian lunch.

- Heard Uncle was in town from Jeddah. So Honey and I went to meet him at his home. Fortunately everyone was there including uncle. He ordered home pizza with choco lava cake. Again yum!