Wednesday, 18 May 2011

To the Doctor, Clearing off the Dust, Realization

All these days I have been suffering from this awful eye infection due to excessive heat which I can't tolerate at all. Today I am feeling somewhat better.

- Honey took me to the doctor for the 2nd time to get me checked for the infection. He re-prescribed the medicine and hot compressions. It was such a relief as I could see the world outside.

- Honey repaired my phone, cleared off the dust within inside, gave it a nice clean look. Now I hear the voice from the otherside so clearly.

- There was horrible power cut owe to these hot summers. We were sitting outside and found lights on in series of houses on the opposite side of the street. I said, "Seems they need not to suffer power cuts. That particular line has got power in their houses." Then Honey peeped into the window and said, "It's here, even". Then realized that we didnt know when the power was restored and sitting outside like two jack-asses.

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