Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cold, Little Hearts, Home Early

- It was around 4 AM in the morning. I was feeling cold in this hot summer. Weird! I was not feeling so great at that moment. Then I switched off the AC. Suddenly I felt warm and snug and went back to sleep.

- These days I want to have something sweet right after the lunch. So it was 'Little Heart's' turn. Little hearts are granulated sugar sprinkled cookies in heart shape. I just love them!

- Honey was home early. It was happy feeling to look at him. I don't know I miss him even we are away at work. Another Wierd thing!.. no silly it's so sweet that you have some one to miss.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Tangled Complete!, A nap, Horn

- I had been trying to download the movie "Tangled". Though I started with good speeds, unfortunately my ISP screwed up the speed. So it got downloaded completely after 3 days.

- A light post afternoon nap took me into my dreamsland.  So nice to visit again!

- Honey has got loads of work @office. He is working for 14 hours a day. I was just thinking after making the dinner that "I am missing our evening walks.. Screw up your work!". Then I heard his horn honking outside. Such a relieving feeling!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Goose Berry, Cup Cakes, Reading

- A honey pickled Indian goose berry to munch on after the lunch. Heavenly!

- Shopped for cup cake trays, but could not find really good ones esxactly.

- I finished reading 65 pages from ASP.NET for beginners. Quite an achievement on a busy day! It's good to be self-motivated. :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Afternoon Shower, Interview, Crunchy Onion Pizza

- An afternoon shower for a nervous mind and an upset stomach (blame the nervous mind, it plays such tricks with my body).

- An important interview on such a hot afternoon. It went good but I dont know why my fingers are still crossed.

- Once the interview was done, I suddenly felt so empty. My stomach was making rumbling noises. (Thank god it didn't happen during the interview). I waited for Honey nearly about 2.5 hours to have my favourite Crunchy Onion Pizza of Pizza Hut. It was a soothing feeling for our starving stomachs and tired bodies.  

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blessings, Missed Call, B'day Party

- Today is my Birthday. I felt warm in my Honey's hug and then I noticed that it was raining outside and the morning was cold. I considered Honey's really warm hug + that rain had come like a blessing from Him/Her. I couldn't have started my Birthday better than this very content feeling.

- Among all those overwhelming calls from family and friends, I found a missed call which turned out to be the call (the HR call) I had been waiting for over a week. Immediately I dailled Honey to share my happiness.

- I had a cosy birthday party with a chocolate mocha cake courtesy by Honey and cousins.Then we took the party outside to have a delishus dinner with our wonderful parents, aunt and cousins.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lazy Breakfast, Wings, Walk

- It was a lazy Sunday morning with a full mug of frothy cold coffee, Choco brownie and my favourite Sunday newspaper. Yes, after many weeks I had a good and full reading of entire newspaper. It was a filling feeling.

- While watching 'Transformers' I found that Bumblebee got a pair of fancy wings. I never noticed before.

- Honey and I went for a really long walk. Though it was tiresome but proved to be beneficial (oh no.. not for the same old health benefits) as I got some really gorgeous night wear in the near by market. Wow! I loved it!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

That Reply!!!, Ohh.. No, A choco cake for the weekend!

Yes, I am blogging again after so many days. I will not take this much long break again. The source of inspiration to start again is  "Clare Grant" again. How? You will know in  just a second.

1.  I got Clare's reply for the email I sent to her. A warm reply. I wont forget her kind words.

2. While making choco cake's batter I was on phone and then something I was expecting happened. Yes 
     my N73 almost landed into my cake.

3. I made a 'really delicious choco cake' which is my honey's favourite. Still waiting to get his comments!
    I know he will just love it. I will post the pic next time. This time I didn't have enough patience to  
    click it before I ate it :D.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A little Pink Rose, Back To Nest So Early, Long Drive

- Finding a little pink rose in the bushes saying "Good Morning". I captured it's lovely smile in my digicam. Here is the pic:

- Coming home early.

- Went on for a drive. It was so nice to feel the spring wind not so cool not so harm. A perfect day during perfect season of the year.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Wow, Cooking Togetherness, And eating it up all!!!!

- Just after the breakfast session, Papa was missing all of a sudden. But after 15 minutes he was at the door knocking with a small Basil plant. It was simply AWESOME!

- Honey and I made 'Bhel Puri' for our cousins who made a sudden visit.. saying 'We are here to eat something COZ WE ARE DAMN HUNGRY'. And it was really nice to argue with your husband how much goes into what when you know he doesn't have any idea about it and you are going to win ultimately... hehehahahehehee

- And eating it up with the family around with lots of chatter and laughter with a TV on in the  background acts as your audience.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Delishus Lemonade, A bunch of rose buds, An occassional visit

- Honey's aunt was here in the morning. She relished and really loved my 'delishus' lemonade. (This is a cute spelling for 'Delicious' from kid's flick 'Ramona & Beezus', I picked from there)

- I found a bunch of rose buds, which were really lovely to look at.

- A casual visit to a cousin's place, which was undergoing reinnovation, the new colors around the house was a pleasant scene.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Heart Melting Kiss, Peaceful safe sound sleep, Rocking Lightning

- A Perfect lazy Sunday morning started with a heart melting, warm and sweet kiss which was hard to refuse ( I wanted to say a big NO for all the things you said to me the other day).. but I couldn't and yes it was all compensated after that.

- Yes, I finally slept peacefully for 3 hours.. this time sleep occupied entire space.. no room for tears.

- While returning from a perfect outing, we saw wonderful lighting across the sky without thundering sound.. felt so thrilled on the sight. It was a perfect day.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Chirping Birds, Chuckle, It's d final Baby...

Today has not been of a great day.. leave the part 'great'.. it has been one of my worst days... Still life is all about falling down (I does this most of the times).. Not to worry I will get up and pick up every broken piece of heart and mend it...

Still I am proud that I could find those 3 little things that gave me pleasure.

- Though not an early  riser, still I manage to hear those birds chirping.. I don't have a clue how I do it always...

- Mom chuckled loudly on phone, for some silly thing she said.. loved her for that chuckle which made my dull day kinda bright

- Yes.. I am waiting for this day.. India is in finals again after 7 years.. hope we will win the cup :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Happy Sunny Day, Yes!.. It's April Fool's Day, Long walk and Lemonade

- It has been a very warm n sunny day... Found lots of bright spring flowers on the way and the days are getting longer

- Played April Fool pranks on an old friend who was not in touch for so long.. it's always great to talk to old friends

- Honey and I went for a really long walk... got really tired... but the refreshing lemonade came for the rescue